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Our Adult dogs are fed the Barf (Raw Meaty Bones) diet and now we are introducing our puppies to this diet, below are a few pictures of pups first being introduced to raw chicken wings, the pups are not weaned from mother at this time they are just being introduced to other foods to minimise any stress for future weaning.

Hmmm this is nice

I am enjoying this

this feels soooo good

lets do lunch, a few of the litter enjoying their first chicken wings, they did not eat completely just chewed the meat, mother came later and cleared up for them.

Now that the pups are in their fifth week we are introducing them to the barf diet, their meals consist of ground whole chicken at the moment twice a day approx 1 tablespoon each meal, and this will be increased daily by a teaspoon, their average day now consist on mums milk as usual,as often as they wish or mum will allow, lunch meat meal, then again mothers milk if the require, then another meat meal late eveining, and again if they require mums milk, the puppies do not tend to go to mum as often as they did now due to the meat meals filling them up, the puppies have taken to the raw diet very well, there has not been any upset tummies, and the meat is being eaten with vigor, stools are also nice and firm, we get our meat delivered to the door from a company called Landywood which supplies human grade meat, processed overnight and despatched the following day, this meat has no addatives or preservatives,highly digestable, and reasonably priced. below pictures of pups with their first real meal.

hungry puppies all in a row.

going down very nicely thank you

No Dakota thats NOT where you should bury your bone