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Chunky was originally going to be called Scooby. is one of our woolie pups, he was called chunky from day one by us, and the name stayed,

Chunky at 1 week, letting us know he did not want his photo taken, he later decides that he is a star, and is always available for a photo shoot.

Hmmm bit of a moose look going on here, chunky at 16 days old

who's a pretty boy then chunky at 4 weeks,

chunky decides he loves having his photo taken and if camera comes out chunky will ALWAYS be about. here he is at 5 weeks of age

This is Chunky's and Nanooks favourite resting spot, he who dares wins, Chunk won on this day.

The day before he is due to leave and live with his new family 11 weeks old

This day is both sad and happy, sad to see chunky leave our nest, but also happy as he is going to live with his wonderful new family, here is Chunky just before leaving us with his new mum and dad, Andy & Isha, and his new best friend in the world jordan. Bye Bye Chunky have a great life.

Chunky has his own website now, you can see his adventures in his new life at:- Chunky's website


Ohh water

what do u think Jordan, should we go in? they aren't looking.

Who put this next to me?

This is MY slide now

Room with a view, my favourite resting place

Who said I have been in the mud? come on own up!!!


Andy and Isha, sent this photo to me of Chunky at 15 months of age, with his new sister Sky who is 6months old, its not the greatest photo, but I am assured, some better ones are on their way to me to put here lol, Chunky is really living up to his name, and turned out to be quite a big boy.

Here is chunky at 22 months, these fabulous pictures were taken by Samantha Taylor who has given her kind permission to use.

Oh wow what a soulful look.

Chunky with his Dad Andy.

Chunky and his sister sky, boy have they grown up, and IMO are stunning.