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Dakota is a beautiful little girl, who is boss of the litter, any trouble she will sort it out, Ha Ha most of the time she starts it!!!

Look at that cute little face... Dakota at 1 week.

Day 16 hasn't she come on, still looking good awwwwwwwwwww

No need to strangle me mum, just ask and will sit still.  Dakota at 4 weeks

Hello mum

The day before Dakota left us for her new life

Here she is getting ready to start her new life with her new mum and dad Caroline and David, she goes home to Caroline & Davids children and their other dog a Boxer to play with, Dakota you will be missed, with all your antics, Bye Bye Cheeky girl, have a great new life

The picture below were sent to me from Caroline and David, of Dakota a week or so after she arrived at her new home, the reproductions is not great, so will update when I get better pictures.


My new bed

sometimes being a pup is just too much.

This is the letter that came with the photos of Dakota..

Hello Mum (Willow)

Dakota here, just thought I'd let you know how I am getting on.  well I'm 10 months old now and getting very big and strong.  I'm very happy in my home and I love my humans especially the little humans, I have got a big garden to play in with my big sister Kimba, but part of the garden had to be fenced off because I kept digging up all the flowers and grass.  I know its naughty but it was so much fun, I am allowed on it if one of the humans are there to watch me.

I love to go for walks, but its even better when I am let off the lead and I run free(in a large fenced in area) I like to chase Kimba but sometimes she cant keep up with me, I'm very good and always come back when called.

I enclose some photo's so you can see how well I am doing.  Don't I look a cool dude in my glasses, the Jack Russell in one of the photo's is my friend Bella I have to protect her because she is so little, and the parrot in the birdcage is with my friend Smokey. Hope you and my brothers and sisters are all well.  Love Dakota.

Here's some of Dakota at 8 months of age, sorry about the blue hue on the first picture the ink seeped through.

Dakota at 10 months

With her friend the parrot.

Dakota 15 months old

4 years old now

from left to right Bandit,Dakota,Willow,  Bandit is 1 year old, Dakota is 4years old and Willow their mum is 6 years old. 

Dakota with her younger brother Bandit 2012.

Such a happy, and must say very good girl, love you Dakota. & of course Bandit hahaha