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A picture taken at Delamer forest Bailey is on the right, and Willow on the left, just a stroll for them, also They never miss a photo opportunity, SMILE PLEASE.

Bailey and willow start line at Aviemore Scotland, a two day racing event, they really wanted to get going.

Another one of them at Aviemore, coming in at the finish, this is on the second day, as you can see they look like they could have gone on forever, and thats after pulling me around and I'm no lightweight as you can see LOL .

this picture was taken at Wellington, we had just turned the corner,  bit scary at this point they were travelling quite fast.  I really thought I was going to tip the rig over. but we didn't and went on to get first place in our class.

Time to cuddle up and go to sleep after a good days work, Aviemore Scotland 2004

This is Timber and Savannah on their first training session, we went to the forest of Ae in Scotland, was not sure how they would take to working, but they were like ducks to water, at nine months old they have real enthusiasm, but had to restrict the amount they did as obviously they are still growing and I don't want to risk any damage to

their joints, I took each pup out individually at first with their mother willow to show them the ropes, willow is very calm and patient, whereas Bailey may have put them off, as he is extremely over the top when he goes into harness, pups enjoyed the run with mum, so I let them have a go together without Willow, hopefully now I can get them fully conversant with commands, and run them alongside Bailey and Willow, but until they do fully understand the commands (especially HALT and WAIT) I will not risk taking out all four together, there is a lot of power in these dogs and I need to know that I have full control. will keep you updated with their progress.

Thanks Louise for taking the pictures of pups first run.